Childcare Bill Moves Forward In Indiana House
By: Beth Swary - Thursday, February 15, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS - A house bill will increase the number of children allowed to be supervised by unlicensed childcare providers.

House Bill 1102 would allow such home-based providers to supervise up to seven children before licensing, an increase from the current maximum of five.

Programs operating out of schools will be exempt from licensing requirements, so long as they meet health and safety standards.

House Bill 1102 was authored by House Rep. Dave Heine (R) District 85.

The bill revises the definition of childcare at home.

House Bill 1102 states it, "Limits the number of children under twelve months of age that may be provided care in a child care home. Provides that certain child care programs are exempt from licensure. Amends certain licensing requirements for a class II child care home and a child care center. Provides that certain child care providers are eligible for voucher payments. Allows certain child care programs at schools to provide services to business employees' children when the business enters into a contract with the school and certain conditions are met."


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