Topeka Man Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Friday, September 10, 2021

UNDATED – A Topeka man has been arrested on child sex charges.

Goshen Police Chief Jose Miller says on September 5 at 8:33 PM, his department arrested 51 year old James York of Topeka on charges of child solicitation and attempted sexual misconduct with a child. York was arrested at 411 West Plymouth Avenue, following a proactive investigation utilizing social media and a peer to peer chat app.

Following the arrest, Goshen Police worked with the LaGrange County Sheriff's Office to obtain a search warrant for York's home. Investigators found multiple cell phones and electronic devices.

York is a registered sex offender.

Authorities would like to remind everyone with children to monitor their actions on the Internet. Be aware of the apps your child has on their phone and keep talking to your children about the dangers of communicating with strangers.


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