Indiana State Police Gives Motorist Back to School Reminders
By: Sheila McCrea - Wednesday, August 4, 2021

UNDATED - As the summer break comes to an end, students across northeast Indiana are starting their return back to school next week. With that return to school, the Indiana State Police is reminding all motorist to be focused on traffic safety during morning and afternoon commutes.

Motorists should be prepared to experience an increased amount of school bus traffic and pedestrian children walking to and from their bus stops and schools during the early morning and mid-afternoon hours. Motorists should also plan commutes accordingly to allow for extended travel time during these periods. Special attention should be given to the posted reduced School Zone speed limits, and for school buses regularly stopping or standing to load or unload students.

Children are often unpredictable and may dart out in front of vehicular traffic unexpectedly.

Indiana traffic law requires motorists to operate in a safe and responsible manner when approaching a stopped or standing school bus.


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