Rokita Fighting for What His Office Calls “Unconstitutional Power Grab”
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Indiana's attorney general has asked the state Supreme Court to stall Governor Eric Holcomb's lawsuit challenging the increased power state lawmakers gave themselves to intervene during public health emergencies after conservative objections to his COVID-19 actions.

“We are asking the Supreme Court to stop the executive branch power grab underway by preserving the constitutional protections that are meant to preserve Hoosiers’ individual liberty and that have served Indiana well for more than 100 years,” said Attorney General Todd Rokita. “Allowing the Governor’s lawsuit to continue confers power on the judiciary, the branch of government that, by design, is least representative of the people. This power grab by the Governor and the authority it would give to the courts to interfere with political decisions should scare us all.”

The court filings Monday come three weeks after a Marion County judge ruled against arguments from Attorney General Todd Rokita's office that he alone has the legal authority to represent the state in court. The attorney general's office petition renews arguments that the governor's lawsuit shouldn't be allowed to proceed now because the Legislature technically is still in session despite concluding its regular business for the year in April.

Both Rokita and Holcomb are Republicans.


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