New IN Laws
Friday, July 2, 2021

With the new month of July came new laws that went into effect in the Hoosier state.

One of those laws is House Enrolled Act 11-69. That requires all political subdivisions and state agencies to report cyber security incidents to the State office of Technology.

Another law is Senate Enrolled Act 2-63. According to Indiana House Republicans, the law stops governments from being able to block in-person religious gatherings in times of public emergency.

The act deems religious gatherings essential.

That law goes into effect following restrictions churches faced, which aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Those are just some of the many laws that went into effect Thursday.

July 1st also marked one year of the Indiana Hands Free Driving Law.

The law states that a person may not hold a telecommunications device while operating a motor vehicle.

Since that law went into effect, officials say more than 5,400 citations and 10,500 warnings have been issued by Iaw enforcement.

In 2019, a report from the Indiana Criminal Justice institute said distracted driving from mobile devices was a factor in more than 1200 crashes and three deadly crashes.


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