Indiana First Lady Reminds Hoosiers That State Parks Remain Open
Thursday, April 2, 2020

With Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb's recent "Stay-At-Home" orders, it is common that several Indiana residents have been feeling a little couped up for the lack of a better term, but Indiana First Lady, Janet Holcomb has some ideas in regards to helping reduce some of that fatigue.

Holcomb discussed how while social distancing is important, a good way to still get out and enjoy some fresh air is that Indiana's state parks remain open, albeit in a reduced capacity. Holcomb also discussed how the fresh air is good for Hoosier's to try and distract themselves from the on-going issues, but to still practice the six foot distance recommendation from the CDC and the Indiana State Department of Health.

Indiana's First Lady also went on to emphasize that the COVID-19 situation is something that Hoosiers should not take lighty and to continue to do their best to help prevent the spread of the novel upper respiratory virus.


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