Indiana Health Commissioner Addresses P95 Mask Shortage
Thursday, April 2, 2020

As fears among Indiana residents over the continued spread of COVID-19, and increasing amount of Hoosiers have began wearing protective masks in public. This protective move by Indiana residents is indeed a safe measure, but it is beginning to cause concern on a state level.

Indiana State Health Commissioner, Kris Box discussed the problem on Thursday during Governor Eric Holcomb's press conference in regards to the spread of COVID-19.

During her address, Box once again encouraged Hoosiers to limit their time out in public to only essential tasks like going to the grocery story, and that the protective masks people are wearing in public should be restricted to those in the medical field who are in most need of the protection from this virus as the supply for PPE remains limited.

Box also went on to reiterate that all Hoosiers can help reduce the spread of the virus by reducing the touching of faces, and continue practice social distancing.


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