RedForEd Takes Indiana State Capitol By Storm On Tuesday
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thousands of teachers and other educators alike all wearing red gathered early Tuesday morning at the Indiana Statehouse for a rally calling for further increasing teacher pay in one of the biggest protests in the state amid a wave of educator activism across the country.

One such highlight of the morning rally is that of Indiana State Superintendent, Jennifer McCormick who simply stated the point of the rally is pretty simple in the aspects that students across Indiana deserve: adequate and equitable funding, an honest conversation about school funding, conversation that stops shifting the blame to local districts, policy developed with teacher voice, alongside great teachers and administrators.

McCormick went on to highlight the three main reasons behind the educator rally today in that of school funding, flexibility in the professional development of teachers, and fair accountability for educators and schools when it comes to state-wide standards.

McCormick stated that the demands of the teachers across Indiana, really are not that absurd, citing that the teachers are fighting for the basic foundation that makes education great, and makes the state of Indiana great as well.

McCormick went on to state that its was shame that it took this type of advocacy by educators statewide to get what Indiana students deserve.

Republican Governor, Eric Holcomb and leaders of the GOP-dominated Legislature have avoided direct criticism of teachers, are are expected not to take action on further boosting school funding until at least 2021.


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