Angola Fire Department Receives Safe Haven Baby Box Monday
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Monday was a big win not only for the city of Angola, but for Michigan residents as well as the city of Angola took huge steps in the preservation of life by receiving Safe Haven "Baby Box" number 20 at the fire station in Angola.

The safe haven baby box was intended to help relieve women in crisis to where it allows mothers to anonymously drop off there new born children with the confidence the child will be safely taken care without worry of repercussion. The fire department held a blessing of the box yesterday as Safe Haven Baby Box Founder and CEO, Monica Kelsey opened the ceremony speaking of the importance of the baby box.

Angola Mayor, Richard Hickman congratulated the efforts of the Angola fire department "For their willingness to take on a responsibility like this." Hickman also stated in his speech, "Make no mistake this is a 24/7 365 commitment." Hickman also said that any woman that chose to use the Baby Box had made the right decision to give the child an opportunity in life.

T.R. Haggerty of the Angola Fire Department was in the forefront in the project and made contacts to get the project going.

City officials say that they hope no mother is ever in a position to have to utilize the safe haven baby box, but there also honored that the city along with the fire department and all City of Angola Public Safety personnel are able to provide service if needed.


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